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Types of Vibrators

A vibrator is an electronic sex-toy that is used by one third of all couples, not mentioning the single persons. You may be astonished by the variability of types and styles. They can vary in colors, shapes, noise level, material and size, the only thing in common: they all produce vibrating effect. Whatever will be your choice, you will be sure to get a real pleasure and this guide will make your exploration easier.

Traditional vibrators

Usually have straight shape, made of plastic and have multi-speed options. Phallic vibe ranges from 5 to 8 inches.

Probably the first that comes to one's mind choosing a vibrator is a realistic vibe, which is quite popular. Traditional vibrators have a wide range of colors and sizes, but serve for one purpose: to stimulate different parts of your body. Traditional vibe is recommended for beginners.

G-spot vibrators

G-spot vibrators are usually curved at the end and quite long.

G-spot vibrator is meant to stimulate one of the strongest erogenous zones of woman's body, which is hidden between pubic bone and cervix of the uterus. Well, you won't need a special investigation to find this intricate spot. A G-spot vibrator will do it for you easily and quickly.

Remote-control vibrators

This type of vibrators is operated with a help of control panel, which is supplied with batteries. It can be used at the distance of 4-6 m and sets in motion by switching on.

Wireless vibe is great for partners play as well as for self satisfaction. You just don't need those complicated manipulations and can be free in your desires.

Twin vibrators

Twin vibrator has two settings, usually bigger one for vaginal and smaller for anal zones.

Twin vibrator is meant for anal-vaginal sexual stimulation. You should remember that the distance between vagina and anus is different for each woman and you should adjust it with the proper twin vibrator and use with the lubrication for both areas.

Egg or bullet vibrators

These types of vibrators resemble eggs or bullets and have battery pack, which is connected to a cord.

Usually are placed into vagina and used for stimulation or making your vaginal muscles work. Can also be good for clitoral stimulation.

Realistic vibrator

This vibe has a realistic style: a smooth surface, veined penis-vibe with testes and flexible head. Realistic vibes are copies of particular man's genitals, usually porn stars.

If you wish to feel a real thing, then this vibe is just a right choice. It's a true pleasure to touch and feel its vibrations during anal or vaginal sex.

Vibrators with clitoral stimulation

Such models are equipped with clitoral stimulation. Most common shape is rather small, egg vibe or narrow bullet-shaped ones, but you are free to choose from a wide range of vibes, like small animals (cats, bears, dolphins etc), tongues and butterflies with a various speed control. They may also go as an attachment for traditional vibe.

Many vibrators can be used to provide clitoral orgasm. They focus their action on clitoris and offer full sensations you may hardly imagine. It will be a wonderful supplement during intercourse or just masturbation. You can always control the speed and intensity of clitoral stimulation.

Beads and balls

Don't confuse these beads with jewelry, though it can be your favorite accessory. It looks like small beads, attached in a chain, which are jelly or plastic balls.

Beads and balls create magic with your clitoris, anus and vagina. Varying intensity and speed level will surely make you reach the orgasm.

Nipple vibrators

Nipple vibrators can be in form of clamps, tweezers or cups and are provided with various speed levels.

Nipple vibes are aimed at teasing and giving pleasure to such sensitive part of the body as nipples. They can vibrate, suck and do everything you want to get satisfaction.

Waterproof vibrators

Waterproof vibes are different in shapes and materials, but they all can be used in water.

If you wish to experience bath or shower excitement, waterproof vibes will be of great pleasure.

Wand vibrators

Wand vibe serves as an electric body massager and looks more like a microphone.

Wand vibrator is used externally on clitoris or vulva area, and also can be used to experiment with your body.

Explore your body with the help of sex toys and you'll make plenty of discoveries.


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