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Rabbit Vibrators

Why is the Rabbit Vibrator so popular?

Ask any adult sex toy lover what sex toy is the most popular with women and she would definitely say that this is a Jack Rabbit Vibrator. Indeed, popularity of rabbit vibrator is incredibly great. Unlike most other sex toys a rabbit vibrator is designed for simultaneous stimulation of two or even three key female erogenous zones: the clitoris, the vaginal opening and the G-spot.

How does it work?

Just have a glance of a Jack Rabbit Vibrator and you will understand that this is a unique sex toy. The "ears" attached to the base of the shaft are intended to provide you with greatly enjoyable clitoral stimulation.

The rotating shaft of this sex toy stimulates the G-spot which is known as one of the main female erogenous zones.

The hollow sphere filled with small beads will stimulate your vagina and anus in the most pleasurable way.

As you see, the Jack Rabbit Vibrator, being a perfect sex toy can give you a great deal of erotic enjoyment by making you experience a whole variety of sensations. The suggestions given below will help you to get maximum advantage of this cute sex toy.

Good ways to use a Jack Rabbit Vibrator

1. Delay your enjoyment. Well, it has been said above that a rabbit vibrator can give you enormous pleasure by stimulating all your main erogenous zones at the same time. But what about varying your play?

Try the following: first of all turn off the shaft and leave the clitoral stimulator turned on. Use the shaft as a handle and place the "ears" over your clitoris and enjoy clitoral stimulation. As soon as you feel you are about to orgasm stop and turn on the shaft. Insert it in the vagina and get the strongest orgasm you have ever had! Leave the clitoral stimulator turned on and you will have a chance to get dual orgasm : g-spot orgasm and clitoral orgasm.Elite w/p 7x ultimate orgasm

2. Stimulate nipples and anus. Do not think that a rabbit vibrator is designed only for genital stimulation. Your other erogenous zones do need proper stimulation and a Jack Rabbit Vibrator really can give them enjoyment. Do you want to use your sex toy anally? Then simply insert it shaft into the anus and glide the "ears" over labia for additional stimulation. But do not insert the shaft in the vagina after that! You risk to get an infection. Always wash the vibrator before placing it into the vagina or around the vaginal opening!

Actually, there is one more way out. Simply place a condom over your Jack Rabbit Vibrator before inserting it in the anus in order to take it off when you finished. Models that include pearls or bead band will enhance anal stimulation.

3. Enjoy it deeper. Do you love deep penetration? You can enjoy it! Get on your fours and straddle your rabbit vibrator - this position will allow you to reach underneath and play and move the shaft. Or lay on your back with your feet up on the wall. This position as well provides deeper insertion.

4. Press it. One more cute way to use a Jack Rabbit Vibrator. Insert the shaft in the vagina and let the clitoral stimulator please your clitoris. Put your legs together and squeeze the shaft with your PC muscles. This position will allow you to enjoy your rabbit vibrator hands free. That's amazing!Men also use rabbit vibrators!

Yeah, though Jack Rabbit Vibrator is considered to be a purely female sex toy, men do love using rabbit vibrators. Try using a rabbit vibrator on your partner by placing the clitoral stimulator on such sensitive areas as nipples, anus and perineum. As well men love using a rabbit vibrator anally for prostate massage or to stimulate the testicles.

Two tips

1. Use lubricants. Do use a water-based lubricant if you wish to make your play maximum enjoyable. Lubricate both the shaft and the "ears" and you will realize that your nerve endings have become especially sensitive due to reduced friction and enhanced vibration.

2. Care for your rabbit vibrator properly. Keep it clean in order to prevent infections and prolong the lifespan of your sex toy. For more information on vibrators care and cleaning see our Sex Toys Guide.

Our choice

Jack Rabbit VibratorThis rabbit vibrator does work wonders! Its powerful shaft and multi speed clitoral stimulator will provide you with incredible pleasure. Make your dream of multiple orgasms come true!

Waterproof Jack Rabbit

This multi-speed, rotating and vibrating vibrator will deliver wide range of sensations and will make you experience pleasure you never had before.


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