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No doubt you know that sex toys can be enjoyed by anyone, with the exception of kids of course. But the range of sex toys offered to you is great so you certainly might wonder what sex toy is going to be the best you?

Your choice of a sex toy depends on many factors such as your gender, your sexual orientation, whether you have a partner or not, peculiarities of your sexual response and many others. This does not mean that certain sex toys can be used only by a certain people. Homosexual and heterosexual couples and singles can use the same sex toy.

Best sex toys for women

Actually there is no one female sex toy that can be effective for every woman. Women differ one from another.

Clitoral Stimulation

Some women love clitoral stimulation and only through it can they achieve orgasm. The best sex toy for such women is a clitoral vibrator that stimulates the clitoris by indulging it with very pleasurable vibrations. Most of these sex toys are very small and can be kept in a very little handbag that means it can be taken anywhere. Enjoy clitoral stimulation wherever you are!

There is a peculiar type of clitoral vibrator that looks like a simple pair of thong or pants. But this lingerie has a secret. The thong contains a discreet vibrator that begins working as soon as you push a button on the remote control panel. Are you single? Then indulge your clitoris while watching TV or doing something else. Do you have a partner? Give him the remote control and let him control your pleasure! Check out our sex toy called Fetish Fantasy Remote Control Panties or Remote Control Fantasy Panty if you are looking for a fun sex toy

Vaginal stimulation

Do you love vaginal stimulation? Then of course the best sex toy for you is a dildo or a vibrator.

No doubt you know that dildos and vibrators resemble a penis and are designed for vaginal penetration and stimulation. The variety of dildos and vibrators is really astonishing.

There are traditional dildos and vibrators, strap-ons, dual-action sex toys (they can be used for simultaneous anal and vaginal penetration), G-spot vibes, suction-cup dildos which can be attached to a flat surface for hands free stimulation, double-ended dildos for sharing with another partner.

Dildos and vibrators have plenty of designs and can be made of various materials such as latex, jelly, cyberskin and many others. With such a rich choice you will certainly find the best sex toy for you.

You can do that with vaginal balls that are presented in a great variety of designs and materials. Choose your favorite ones and enjoy vaginal exercising.

By playing with vaginal sex toys you can get pleasure and exercise your vagina at the same time. You will enjoy very pleasurable vaginal masturbation and simultaneously will improve the tone of your vaginal muscles.

Do you know that vaginal stimulation can be combined with clitoral stimulation? This is possible with rabbit vibrators that pleasurably stimulate your vagina by indulging it with rotations and vibrations and at the same time tickling your clitoris. This cute sex toy can give you a double orgasm! Well, maybe you won’t a have double orgasm but doubling your pleasure is guaranteed!


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