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Bullet & egg Vibrators

Egg or Bullet Vibrators can be used for a great variety of pleasurable stimulations for both solo and partner sex.

Get to know more about egg and bullet vibrators and choose one to please your most sensitive spots or to please your beloved partner's body.

What Do They Look Like?

This sex toy is shapped in the form of an egg or bullet which may or may not have a wire. Most egg and bullet vibrators are multispeed and most can deliver various patterns of vibrations like surging, pulsating, escalation and many other patterns of vibration that considerably enhances sexual pleasure.

Naturally, wireless egg and bullet vibrators are preferred by users as these sex toys are very comfortable to use and can be used for amazing partner teasing plays.


Egg and bullet vibrators are available in many varieties. Thus everyone can choose an egg or a bullet vibrator depending on his or her personal preferences.

The Ultraseven Remote Control Egg can be used for incredibly pleasurable masturbation as well as to spice up partner sex as it is wireless operated by a remote control. It will provide your most sensitive zones with intense vibrations and pulsations. Explore your fantasy!

Double Egg or Bullet Vibrators. These sex toys consist of two separately controlled vibrating devices that allows a great deal of experimenting as you can apply eggs or bullet for dual penetration (anal and vaginal) or double stimulation (vaginal and clitoral for instance).

Impulse pocket packs with twin bullets this sex toy gives you a chance to experiment with your sensations! Choose among various speeds of vibrations and please your erogenous zones. Two metal bullets of this vibe can be used separately to vary your pleasures.

Eggs and bullet vibrators in use

No matter what type of an egg or a bullet vibrator you choose, you can use your sex toy in a variety of very enjoyable ways.

Women use egg and bullet vibrators for vaginal and clitoral stimulation. For clitoral stimulation women insert an egg or a bullet into the vagina like a tampon for experiencing extremely enjoyable vaginal stimulation.

Clitoral stimulation is experienced through holding the egg or a bullet against the clitoris for receiving vibrations resulting in a strong clitoral orgasm.

Both clitoral and vaginal stimulation can be a part of masturbation or partner sex. Enjoy this pleasure with or without a partner!

Both men and women can use an egg or a bullet vibrator for extremely enjoyable anal stimulation as both male and female anus has plenty of nervous endings which are very sensitive to sexual stimulation. Women experience special pleasure if anal stimulation is combined with stimulation of other erogenous zones such as the clitoris or nipples.

Men can use egg and bullet vibrators for very enjoyable penile and testicles stimulation which can be experienced during masturbation as well as partner sex.

Discover for yourself a new world of spicy erotic sensations!


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